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Using Online Learning as a Parent:

Supportive Techniques online education has grown in importance as a part of our children’s education in this day of technology. Supporting your child’s online learning experience as parents is essential for their success. Here is a helpful manual with guiding tactics to assist you in navigating this brand-new educational environment.

Recognizing the Online Learning Environment

  • Designated Workspace: Provide your child with a calm, well-organized area to study.
  • Schedules: Create a daily schedule that includes study time, breaks, and exercise.
  • Limit Distractions: Avoid watching TV or playing video games when studying.

Promoting Learning and Participation

  • Promote Independence by teaching your youngster how to organize their tasks and due dates.
  • Active Participation: Ask questions and demonstrate interest in what your child is learning.
  • Celebrate Your Child’s Successes: Honour and acknowledge your child’s developmental milestones and achievements.

Parenting with tech savvy

  • Online safety: Inform your youngster about maintaining their privacy online and using the internet responsibly.
  • Digital literacy: As your child navigates online content, encourage the development of critical thinking abilities. Learn the fundamentals of troubleshooting to help with technological problems.

Balancing Limits on Screen Time

  • Establish rules for using screens after school.
  • Encourage non-screen activities like reading, hobbies, and outdoor play as an alternative. Make sure your child is using technology to learn by making sure it has high-quality content.

Looking for More Resources

  • Examine supplemental online classes to advance your child’s education.
  • Tutoring Services: For more support, think about using online tutoring services.
  • Visit our website,, for a selection of online courses created to support your child’s education.


As a parent navigating online learning, it is important to be patient, engaged, and committed to fostering a positive learning environment. You can guarantee your child’s success in their online education journey by providing them with the appropriate techniques and tools. To discover more about our options and to help your child’s education even further, visit