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    What is Online BSC Degree in 2024?


    How can I pursue Online BSc degree in India?


    Is it possible to complete Online BSc degree courses?


    Can i complete Online BSc degree in computer science?


    How does credit transfer work for a BSc program?


    How to Pursue BSc degree online in Data Science, Physics, Chemistry?

    What is online BSc degree in india 2024

    In India, you can pursue an Online bachelor of science (BSc) degree. This means you can study and complete your degree from the comfort of your home, without having to attend traditional classes on campus. Online BSc programs offer flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments like work or family.


    These programs typically cover a wide range of subjects, from computer science to biology, and are offered by various UGC-DEB approved universities.


    It’s a convenient option for those who can’t attend regular classes due to distance, time constraints, or other reasons, providing access to quality education from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Is it Possible to Complete Online BSc degree courses

    Online BSc degree courses are like regular college classes, but you will study and complete your work online. You can learn about different subjects like computers, math, or science. Instead of going to a physical classroom, you log in to a website where you can watch lectures, do assignments, and talk to your teachers and classmates online.


    These courses are great for people who can’t go to a regular college because of their job or family. You can study whenever it’s convenient for you, making it easier to get a degree no matter where you are.

    Online BSc degree in computer science

    An BSc degree in computer science which is also called Online bachelor of science in computer science is like attending a virtual college to learn about computers and technology. Instead of going to a campus, you study from home using your computer and the internet.


    You’ll explore topics like coding, software development, and computer systems. Through online classes, videos, and assignments, you’ll gain practical skills and knowledge. You can interact with professors and classmates through online forums and chats. It’s a flexible option for busy people who want to advance their career in technology but need to balance studies with work or family commitments.

    Online BSc degree in Data Science

    An BSc degree in Data Science is like attending virtual classes to learn about handling and analyzing data using computers. Instead of going to a physical college, you study from home using your computer and the internet. You’ll learn about collecting, organizing, and interpreting data to make informed decisions.


    Through online lectures, assignments, and discussions, you’ll gain practical skills in programming, statistics, and data visualization. You can interact with professors and classmates through online platforms. It’s a flexible option for busy individuals who want to pursue a career in data science while continuing their existing job.

    Online Bsc chemistry degree

    An BSc degree in Chemistry is like attending virtual classes to study the properties and reactions of substances. Instead of going to a physical college, you learn from home using your computer and the internet. You’ll explore topics like organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions, and laboratory techniques.


    Through online lectures, assignments, and experiments, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge in the field. You can communicate with professors and peers through virtual platforms. This flexible option allows you to grow in your career and achieve your goals.

    Online Bsc physics degree

    With an online BSc degree in Physics, you will study how things work in the universe from the comfort of your home. You’ll learn about motion, energy, and how stuff behaves. Using online classes and interactive tools, you’ll understand these concepts better.


    You can talk to your teachers and classmates online too. It’s a flexible way to learn, perfect if you’re busy with work or other stuff. When you finish the Bsc physics degree, you’ll have the same degree as if you went to a regular college. So, you can pursue other careers that need a strong understanding of physics, all from your home with an online degree.

    Online bsc degree in information techhnology

    An online Bachelor of Science degree in IT (Information Technology) provides a flexible learning experience through virtual lectures, discussions, and assignments. Accredited programs ensure high-quality education, while virtual labs offer practical hands-on learning.


    Effective time management is essential for balancing coursework with other commitments. Graduates of the program can pursue careers such as software developers, network administrators, or cybersecurity analysts, equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from their online studies.

    Can I Complete BSc Online degree?

    Yes, you can complete BSc Online Degree in India, including the Bsc in one year program. However, dedication and commitment are needed to successfully qualify for the degree. Our partnered with UGC – DEB approved universities, which offer online examinations facilitated by our counselors.

    Three Ways to Complete Graduation in One Year:

    1. Credit Transfer:
    If you finished the first two years of a university program recognized by the UGC, but couldn’t continue or didn’t pass the third year, you can join another university directly in the third year. This way, you can finish your degree in just one year. The new university might give you credit for the courses you already completed. They could also consider your work experience and skills to give you credit for certain subjects.

    2. Lateral Entry:
    Lateral entry lets students who finished a diploma in a related field join the second or third year of a degree program. They can get their online bachelor’s degree in just one year. The rules for lateral entry can be different for each university.

    3.Breaking Study:
    Taking a break from studies allows students who stopped after the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year to join directly into the 3rd year. Whether you passed or failed before, you must have a three-year gap after finishing high school. You’ll need to take exams for all the missed years at once and pay the full graduation fee.

    In conclusion, the above information about Online Bsc degree and the various options available. We offer distance education programs in collaboration with UGC-DEB-approved universities and provide 100% FREE counseling sessions. Our counselors are here to guide you through the online admission and examination processes, and multiple course options are available for students in all streams.

    Online Bsc Courses in India 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    B.Sc Information Technology (IT)310+2
    B.Sc (General)310+2+
    B.Sc (With Biology)310+2+
    B.Sc (Mathematics)310+2+
    B.Sc (Statistics)310+2+
    B.Sc (Physics)310+2+
    B.Sc (Chemistry)310+2+
    B.Sc (Botany)310+2+
    B.Sc (Zoology)310+2+
    B.Sc (Microbiology)310+2+
    B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)310+2+
    B.Sc (Applied Chemistry)310+2+
    B.Sc In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)610+2
    B.Sc (Biotechnology)610+2
    B.Sc (Bioinformatics)610+2
    B.Sc in Yoga and Naturopathy410+2+
    B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality)310+2
    B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality) (lateral)110+2
    B.Sc Interior Design610+2
    B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia610+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Designing610+2
    B.Sc in Fashion Design2nd Year10+2
    B.Sc in Interior Design2nd Year10+2

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    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is online bsc degree worth it?


    Yes, an online Bsc degree is worth it. As it offers knowledge about Science and technology so that you can make your career in it.


    How to get Bsc degree online?


    You can get Bsc degree online (bachelor of science degree) by enrolling yourself in the course. Completing the exams and projects to get the degree.


    How to enroll in bsc degree online?


    You can easily enroll yourself in bsc degree by filling out the contact form above and we’ll guide you for absolutely free.


    How much does a bsc degree cost?

    The cost of bsc degree is ₹16,000/- per year. Total fees for 3 years is ₹55,000/-


    Can you get a bachelor of science degree online?


    Yes, you can get a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree online but make sure it is a UGC-DEB approved university offering distance education programs.


    Which documents are needed to apply for a one-year BSC courses?


    • 10th grade transcript and diploma
    • certificate and mark sheet for the 12th grade
    • Breaking Study proof
    • Proof of address
    • a passport-sized photo