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    What is an Online BA Degree in Delhi?


    What does an Online BA Degree in Delhi mean?


    How can I pursue an BA Degree Online from UGC-DEB approved Universities?


    Is an Online BA Degree recognized for Government Jobs?


    How can I apply for an BA Online Degree in subjects like Economics, History, Philosophy, etc.?


    What are the ways to expedite the completion of an Online Degree?

    Online BA Degree in delhi:

    An Online BA Degree is a three-year course where you study 5-6 subjects, including a few mandatory ones. It opens up many job options in different areas. People with Online BA degrees can work in government jobs, advertising agencies, the Indian Police, public administration, and more.

    UGC-DEB Approved
    Online Degree:
    We offer one-year online BA degrees from UGC- DEB approved universities. We provide admissions for various online undergraduate and postgraduate courses like BA, BBA, B.COM, MCOM, MBA, BSc IT, BSc computer science, MA, MCOM, MBA, MCA, MSc IT, and MSc computer science. Our counselors offer full support to students post-admission, and students can choose their preferred field for direct admission.

    Top UGC-DEB Approved Universities for Online BA Undergraduate Courses:

    When choosing a university for BA degree in Delhi, it is important to research the institutions offering the course in your specific subject of interest. 

    Here is a List of Top UGC-DEB approved Universities that offer Online BA courses:

    • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    • Amity University
    • Chandigarh University
    • Shri Venkateshwara University

    Eligibility for Online BA (General) Course:

    To be eligible for an Online BA course in Delhi, students must have passed higher secondary education or 10+2 with the minimum required percentage specified by the university. BA can be pursued either as a general course or with a specialization in a particular subject.

    Common Subjects for Online BA Degree:

    In 2024, Delhi’s Online BA degree programs offer a variety of subjects to choose from, including English, Economics, Hindi, Geography, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit, Psychology, and Sociology.

    Save Time and Become a Multitasker:

    Pursuing an online undergraduate degree saves time spent commuting, allowing students to utilize that time for other productive tasks and become multitaskers. With online learning, one can continue their job while pursuing their desired course.

    Future Scope of Online Graduation in One Year
    BA Degree:

    While companies may typically prefer graduates from traditional programs, those with an Online BA degree can still land good jobs with some extra work. While the starting salary might be lower, gaining experience can lead to better job opportunities and pay. It’s important to build skills to compete for positions in big companies or multinational firms.

    Job Opportunities:
    BA degree in Delhi can find job opportunities in government and private sectors, including administration, politics, teaching, public service, and psychology. Further studies can enhance career prospects. Having a graduation degree makes a positive impression on one’s personality, even for BA degree online holders. It provides working professionals with more opportunities to establish themselves in the workplace.

    Apply for BA Correspondence from IGNOU, Mumbai University, DU, BU, and other reputable institutions.

    Online BA Courses in India 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    B.A General3yr10+2 pass
    B.A English3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Pol. Science3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Sociology3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Home Science3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Philosophy3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Business Economics3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Psychology3yr10+2 pass
    B.A History3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Education3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Public Administration3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Police Administration3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Geography3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Work Education3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Tourism Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Hotel Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Fine arts3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Music3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Dance3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Sport Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Maths3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Economics3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Hotel Management3yr10+2 pass

    Information Centre

    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q1. Is the Online BA Degree programme a worth while course to take?


    Ans: Yes. The Online BA Programme is quite maybe the most reliable option. Additionally, a BA degree plans to allows you the chance to study a variety of topic combinations.


    Q2. How can I select a BA subject?


    Ans: First, you could choose any of the aforementioned disciplines for your graduation, including political science, history, and geography. Consequently, if you are interested in Economics, it is also advised.


    Q3. What can I do once I finish my Online BA Degree programme?


    Ans: BA Degree Online can lead to a variety of careers, including those in law, business analytics, the MA and MBA programmes..


    Q4. In the first year of a BA, can I switch my subject?


    Ans: Yes. In fact, you have the option to switch subjects throughout your first year of the BA, so you enroll in those that weren’t offered in your 12th grade. However, you should possess the minimum % needed to pass that course.


    Q5. After the Online BA Course is over, which documents will I receive?


        • The Marksheet first
        • Also included are the Provisional Degree and the Migration Certificate.
        • Lastly, the original degree earned at the university at the time of convocation.