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BOSSE Admissions are open for October 2024 session. Apply Now !!

In this article, we will be discussing about Board of Open Schooling & Skill EducationBOSSE Admission for Class 10th & 12th in 2024.

Get all the details about Eligibility criteria, Documents required and Last date. BOSSE offers admission in both Secondary and Senior Secondary which is very helpful for students who want to pursue 10th & 12th from distance.

This is also applicable for the students who Failed in 10th & 12th but want to complete their certificate in the same year. However, they can save their precious year by giving exams through BOSSE at a very affordable fees.

You can easily take admission in simple steps, we will give you a complete guide to take admission hassle free without any complicated process.

Latest Update

BOSSE Admissions are opened in India for October session 2024-25. Students can apply for BOSSE 10th and 12th admissions.

BOSSE Admission 2024-25 Last date

The expected last date for BOSSE Admissions 2024 is May 30, 2024. Students are advised to apply before the deadline to avoid restrictions.

BOSSE Admission Process

  • Check Eligibility: Make sure you meet the requirements for the program you’re interested in. These requirements could include educational qualifications, age limits, or other criteria.
  • Fill Out Application: Complete the application form with your details. Take your time to fill out the form accurately, providing all the necessary information such as personal details, educational background, and contact information
  • Gather Documents: Collect necessary documents like certificates and ID proofs. These documents typically include academic transcripts, certificates, identification proof (such as a passport or national ID card), and recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Submit Application: Send your completed application along with the documents to BOSSE.
  • Wait for Confirmation: BOSSE will review your application and inform you if you’re accepted.
  • Await Admission Decision: After submitting your application, patiently wait for BOSSE to review it. They will assess your eligibility and application materials.

    BOSSE Sikkim Fee structure

    Below is the fees structure for BOSSE. You can check for both class 10th (Secondary course) & class 12th (senior secondary course).

    Fees for Secondary and Sr. Secondary Courses
    Detail Secondary Course(10th) Sr. Secondary Course(12th)
    Registration Fees Rs. 1000/- (For Five Years) Rs. 1000/- (For Five Years)
    Programme Fees For 5 Subjects Rs. 6000/- Rs. 7000/-
    For each additional subject Rs. 1200/- Rs. 1400/-
    Practical Fee per subject (for subjects with Practicals) Rs. 300/- Rs. 600/-
    Examination Fee (Per Subject) Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
    Additional Fees For Practical exam Rs. 180/- per subject Rs. 180/- per subject
    Credit subject fees (TOC) Rs.1000/- per subject Rs.1000/- per subject
    Part admission fees Rs.2000/- per subject Rs.2500/- per subject
    Other Fees
    Cost of Information Brochure (Prospectus) along with the Application Form from the Office of BOSSE ₹250
    Re-evaluation of answer script per paper ₹1000
    Fee for change in examination centre ₹500
    Re Totalling fee per Subject/Course ₹500
    Duplicate Marks Card ₹500
    Consolidated Marks Card ₹500
    Migration Certificate ₹400
    Verification of Certificate/Authenticity of Certificate for Domestic Institutions/ Employers/Individuals learners ₹500 per doc.
    Transcription / Verification for foreign Institutions / Universities / Employers ₹5000

    BOSSE Admission Class 12th 2024

    For those aiming to join the 12th class at BOSSE in 2024, expect a simple application process. Details like who can apply, how to apply, and when to apply will be shared later. Keep an eye on BOSSE’s website or ask their office for updates. Make sure you meet the requirements and apply on time.

    BOSSE wants to make it easy for students to finish their 12th-grade studies, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

    BOSSE Sikkim 12th Exam date 2024

    As of now, the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education (BOSSE) in Sikkim has not officially released the examination schedule for the 12th-grade exams in 2024.

    However, it is expected that for February Session examinations will be conducted during the months of February-March 2024 and for October session, examinations will be conducted during the months of October-November 2024 considering the typical examination timeline.

    For the most accurate and up-to-date information, individuals are advised to refer to the official BOSSE website or directly contact the board’s administrative office during regular business hours. This will ensure access to the latest announcements and any pertinent details regarding the examination schedule.

    BOSSE Sikkim 12th result 2024

    The results for the BOSSE Sikkim 12th February session will be released in April 2024 & for October session, result will be released in December 2024.

    Once the BOSSE Sikkim board result is out you will be able to check your result by entering the roll number, date of birth & application number on the official BOSSE website.

    However, after sometime you will be able to get your BOSSE Sikkim certificate online.

    Documents required for BOSSE Admission Class 12th

    To take admission for the class 12th program at BOSSE, you’ll need to prepare the following documents:

    • Valid Identity Proof: Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card, or PAN Card.
    • Proof of Date of Birth: Passport, School Leaving Certificate, Transfer Certificate, or Aadhaar Card with the date of birth mentioned.
    • Proof of Residence: A document that verifies your current address.
    • Domicile Certificate: Required for students of Sikkim.
    • Previous Educational Certificates: Secondary/Class X Certificate for Senior Secondary Programme admission.
    • Caste Certificate: If applicable, for SC/ST/OBC categories.
    • Disability Certificate: If applicable, for learners with disabilities.

    BOSSE Sikkim Admission form

    To access the BOSSE Sikkim admission form, you can visit the official BOSSE website. Remember to check for the most current form and guidelines to ensure a smooth admission process.

    The admission process is straightforward, you can fill the above contact form or click on the WhatsApp icon, and we will provide you all the details and answer all your queries for absolutely free.

    BOSSE Sikkim 12th Age Limit

    The age limit for admission to the Senior Secondary level program at BOSSE Sikkim is that the student must be at least 16 years old. There is no upper age limit criteria for enrollment.
    This means that people of any age can continue their education without any restrictions on how old they are. You can find more information on the official BOSSE website.

    BOSSE Sikkim 12th Subject List

    These are the Subjects list for Class 12th. In which you can get Group A and Group B Subject names to select from.

    Group “A” Subjects:

    SR. NoCodeSubjects

    Group “B” Subjects:

    SR. NoCodeSubjects
    2402Family & Community Studies
    6406Business Studies
    9413Environmental Science and Sustainable Development
    11416Political Science
    14420Law, Justice & Governance
    15421Digital Literacy & Computer Science
    18424Physical Education & Yoga

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    BOSSE Admission Class 10th 2024

    BOSSE is now open for 10th grade admissions for the year 2024. If you’re interested in applying, you can enroll now for October session. BOSSE welcomes students from various backgrounds to join its educational programs. Whether you’re a fresher or someone returning from career break but wants to complete their education, there’s no age limit to apply.

    It’s a chance to continue your education and achieve your goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Visit the official BOSSE website for more information or fill the contact form or send us a WhatsApp message to know about how to apply and take the next step in your academic journey.

    BOSSE Sikkim Certificate:

    The BOSSE Sikkim Certificate represents the successful completion of secondary education in Sikkim, India. It serves as an official credential, attesting to academic proficiency and facilitating access to higher education and employment opportunities. It is issued by the Board of Secondary Education, Sikkim, validates academic achievement, enabling pursuit of advanced studies and career endeavors.

    BOSSE Sikkim 10th Exam date 2024

    The BOSSE Sikkim 10th examinations for 2024 are already completed in March. Currently, admissions are open for the October/November 2024 session. For October session, exams will held in the month of October 2024. We will get you updated once the exact date is out.

    For the most precise and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult the official BOSSE website or their notice board. Keeping an eye on the student panel is also advisable for the latest updates and guidelines regarding exam dates and schedules.

    Documents required for BOSSE Admission Class 10th

    • Birth certificate: Proof of your date of birth.
    • Previous academic records: Such as report cards or transcripts from previous grades.
    • Identification documents: Such as a passport, Aadhar card, or other government-issued ID.
    • Passport-sized photographs: Usually, a couple of recent photographs are required.
    • Proof of residence: Such as a utility bill or rental agreement, is required.
    • Application form: Completed and signed application form provided by BOSSE.

    BOSSE Sikkim 10th Admission form

    You can obtain the BOSSE Sikkim 10th admission form directly from their official website. The process is pretty simple and hassle-free . You’ll need to fill out the registration form and submit the necessary documents along with the required fee.

    For a step-by-step guide on the admission process, including downloading the form, you can visit the Admission Open 2024 page on the BOSSE website. Remember to check for the most current form and guidelines to ensure a smooth admission process.

    BOSSE Sikkim 10th Subject List:

    Group “A” Subjects:

    SR. NoCodeSubjects

    Group “B” Subjects:

    SR. NoCodeSubjects
    2202Science & Technology
    3203Social Science
    5205Business Studies
    6206Home Science & Human Ecology
    8208Indian Culture & Heritage

    BOSSE Sikkim 10th Result 2024 Date

    The results for BOSSE Sikkim’s 10th grade exams in 2024 are likely to come out on December 23, 2024. Make sure to check the official BOSSE website for the latest and most accurate updates.

    BOSSE Sikkim Marksheet

    To obtain your marksheet from BOSSE Sikkim, you’ll need to follow the official process after the results are declared. The marksheet will be available and can be downloaded from the BOSSE website.

    Your grades, determined by the percentage of marks achieved in the final exam, will be considered. To access detailed instructions on how to get your marksheet, visit the official BOSSE website. For inquiries regarding a physical copy or any concerns about the marksheet, it’s advisable to directly contact BOSSE during their office hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

    Is BOSSE Sikkim fake or real?

    BOSSE Sikkim is 100% real because it is approved by the Government of Sikkim. AIU has granted equivalency status to BOSSE and recognized BOSSE’s certificates for further studies.

    How can i check my bosse sikkim result?

    You can easily check BOSSE Sikkim result on the official website by entering the enrollment number, date of birth and application number.

    Is BOSSE Sikkim valid?

    Yes, BOSSE Sikkim is Completely valid in India as well as in abroad.

    Which is better NIOS or BOSSE?

    Here’s why BOSSE might be a good choice:

    • Flexibility: BOSSE provides an on-demand exam system that helps students to give exams when they’re prepared. This is ideal if you have a busy schedule or prefer to study at your own pace.
    • Focus on Skill Development: BOSSE emphasizes vocational training alongside academics, potentially giving you an edge in the job market.
    • Student Support: BOSSE offers career counseling, study materials, and assistance for students with special needs.

    How can i get admission in BOSSE?

    Online Admission: This is the hassle-free and most popular option. Head over to the BOSSE website and navigate to the “Apply Now” section. Fill out the online application form, selecting your program (Secondary/Sr. Secondary/Skill & Vocational) and submitting the scanned copies of required documents like:

    • Proof of identity (Aadhaar card, Passport, etc.)
    • Date of Birth proof (School leaving certificate, Birth certificate, etc.)
    • Proof of residence
    • Class X certificate (if applying for Sr. Secondary program)
    • Category certificate (if applicable)
    • Disability certificate (if applicable)

    Is BOSSE valid for NEET?

    Yes, BOSSE certificate is completely valid for competitive exams like NEET, JEE and UPSC etc.

    Can I apply for multiple courses simultaneously at BOSSE Sikkim Board?

    Yes, at BOSSE Sikkim, you can apply for multiple courses simultaneously, including Secondary, Senior Secondary, and vocational courses.

    Is BOSSE valid for government job?

    Yes, BOSSE is completely valid for government job. You can enroll in government exams like UPSC, SSC, IBPS etc.