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    Complete BA in One Year from Distance Education 


    What is BA in One Year in India?


    Can i pursue BA in One Year from UGC-DEB approved universities?


    Is BA degree in One Year valid for government jobs?


    How to apply for an BA in One Year in subjects like History, Psychology & Biology etc?


    what is the BA in one year fees in India?

    BA in One Year in India 2024:

    BA in One year means completing your Bachelor of Arts degree in one year. Normally, a BA degree takes around three to four years to finish, but some universities offer accelerated programs where you can complete your degree in fast track mode.
    Over 20.3 lakh students opt for Distance Education courses in India every year. Typically, you will get many courses in UG & PG like BA, BCA, BCom, BBA, BSc, MA, MCA, MCom, MBA, MSc in one year.

    The most common BA specialisations are: BA (General), BA (English), BA (Political Science), BA (Sociology) 

    UGC-DEB Approved Universities 

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) in approved universities that offer distance education programs in India. These programs allow students to complete degrees through flexible learning methods, such as online courses, Distance Education or correspondence. UGC-DEB approved universities meet certain quality standards and guidelines set by the government to ensure that students receive a valuable education.

    BA Degree in One year

    Getting a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in just one year means you have to study all the required subjects and assignments for the degree much faster than usual. Instead of the typical few years, you complete everything into just 12 months. It’s like taking a fast-track route to getting your degree. You’ll likely have to study a lot and stay focused, but it’s a quicker way to earn that important qualification. 


    These programs require dedication, hard work, and a focused approach to study for completing a degree in one year. Completing a BA degree in one year can be challenging, but you can apply for jobs much faster and also for promotion if you already working somewhere.

    BA in One year from IGNOU

    BA in One Year from IGNOU means you can pursue a bachelor’s degree online from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). IGNOU offers various courses and programs that you can study from home, using online materials and resources you will also get proper guidance from teachers. 

    It’s a convenient option for those who have already completed first or second year from any college and want to fast-track their degree completion. However, it’s important to meet the eligibility criteria and fulfill all requirements set by IGNOU for this fast track program.


    BA in One Year from correspondence

    BA in One Year from correspondence helps students to complete their degree in one year from distance education. Students only wants 10+2 to get admission in the one year degree to get eligible to choose UGC-DEB approved universities in India.
    So completing a BA in one year through correspondence can be challenging, it offers flexibility and convenience for students who may have a job or other commitments.

    BA in One Year from Recognised University:

    Completing a BA in One year from a recognised university is very important in this era because many of the universities are not approved by UGC. So make sure to always research about the university in which you are interested to take the admission. Enquire about fees, eligibility, exams, study material etc , which is beneficial for your graduation journey.


    Completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in one year from a recognized university usually involves enrolling in an accelerated program or credit transfer policy. So, that you can take admission seamlessly without any hassles.

    BA in One Year fees

    The fees for the BA in One Year program are ₹6,000 per year. So, the total fees would be ₹25,000. However, it’s important to confirm with the institution whether there are any additional costs and to enquire about any financial aid options available.

    Apply for BA Correspondence from IGNOU, Mumbai University, DU, BU, and other reputable institutions.

    Online BA Courses in India 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    B.A General3yr10+2 pass
    B.A English3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Pol. Science3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Sociology3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Home Science3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Philosophy3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Business Economics3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Psychology3yr10+2 pass
    B.A History3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Education3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Public Administration3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Police Administration3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Geography3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Work Education3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Tourism Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Hotel Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Fine arts3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Music3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Dance3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Sport Management3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Maths3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Economics3yr10+2 pass
    B.A Hotel Management3yr10+2 pass

    Information Centre

    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How to complete BA in One Year?

    To Complete a BA in One Year, you can enroll in the universities which offers fast track programs. Fulfill graduation requirements and submit necessary paperwork to complete your degree.


    Can we do BA in One Year?

    Yes, you can apply for BA in one year but make sure the you have chosen a UGC-DEB approved university to get a valid and genuine degree.


    Can i do BA in One year from IGNOU? 

    Yes, You can easily enroll yourself for BA in One Year from IGNOU by filling out the form online. Also we can guide you with easy steps for absolutely free.

    How to get BA degree in one year?
    You can easily apply for BA degree in one year from recognised universities to get your degree in one year or one sitting.


    What are the certificates will I receive after the course completion?

    You will receive Marksheet, Provisional Degree, Migration Certificate and Original Degree at the University Convocation.