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    What is Online BCom Degree Certificate in 2024?


    Is an Online BCom degree certificate in One Year earned through Distance Mode considered valid?


    How can credit transfer be utilised in the correspondence BCom program?


    How to Download BCom degree certificate?


    Wouldn’t it be amazing to complete your Online BCom degree with a single sitting in 2024?

    What is Online BCom Degree Certificate?

    A Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed a comprehensive undergraduate program in commerce and business. This three-year program equips students with essential knowledge and skills related to finance, marketing, human resources, accounting, and international business.


    Key features of the BCom Degree Certificate?

    Academic Achievement: The BCom degree signifies the successful completion of a rigorous academic curriculum.
    Business Proficiency: Holders of the BCom certificate demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of business management.
    Career Pathways: The BCom opens doors to diverse career opportunities in financial services, banking, research, analysis, risk management, government, and taxation.
    Gateway to Further Studies: Many BCom graduates pursue advanced degrees such as MBA or specialized courses in financial management.


    Can I Complete BCom degree certificate in One Year?

    Yes, you can complete BCom degree certificate in one year by enrolling in UGC approved universities which offers you flexibility to give exams remotely so that you can pursue your job or any other commitments. Thanks to the availability of UGC-DEB-approved universities offering BCom programs, you can now complete your online graduation in one year. This accelerated BCom in one year course allows you to save a considerable amount of time while obtaining a legitimate and recognized BCom degree.


    Which University Provides the Best BCom Program?

    Rest assured, all universities approved by the UGC-DEB are excellent choices for pursuing Online BCom Degree through correspondence or online learning. These universities meet the necessary standards and deliver high-quality education. You may find list of UGC DEB approved universities here.

    Best Universities offer the Online BCom in One year:
    Mangalayatan university
    Online Manipal
    Jain Online
    Chandigarh University
    Amity University Online


    How to Download BCom degree certificate?

    To download your BCom degree certificate, contact your university registrar’s office or any counsellor who can help you to download your certificate. Provide necessary details and documents for verification. Await processing and approval. Once approved, download the digital copy from the university portal or receive it by mail. Verify the certificate’s accuracy and store it securely.


    Is BCom More Valuable Than an MBA?

    When comparing these two degrees, it is crucial to consider the career paths they offer. An online BCom degree certificate in one year provides in-depth knowledge in the discipline of commerce, equipping you with the skills for roles such as Chartered Accountant, Finance Analyst, Operations Manager, and more. On the other hand, an MBA degree opens up opportunities for positions like Assistant Manager, Research Assistant, and others. It is advisable to choose a subject that aligns with your personal interests and career goals.

    How Many Specialisations Are Offered in BCom?

    The BCom in One Year Degree Certificate offers a wide range of specialization options to cater to diverse interests and career aspiration. Graduation in one year BCom program aims to shape your personality and prepare you for success in the corporate world. Specializations may include Accounting and Finance, Applied Economics, Marketing, Banking Management, and many other courses to choose from. If you are unsure about which specialization aligns with your area of interest, we offer free counseling sessions to assist you in making an informed decision.


    Is Mathematics Mandatory for BCom?

    Opposite to what many think, you don’t have to be good at math to do an Online BCom Degree in one year. The courses in this program mainly cover finance and commerce topics, so you can join even if you’re not great at math. Also, you can get BCom Certificate in different areas to specialize in based on what you like.


    What Are the Career Opportunities After BCom Degree Certificate?

    As mentioned before, getting an online BCom degree through distance learning or online programs gives you lots of career options. After finishing your one-year BCom, you can go for a master’s degree in Commerce or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in education. You can also consider jobs like Chartered Accountant, Business Accountant, Taxation Specialist, and more. There are plenty of paths you can take with this degree.



    Three Approaches to Completing Your Online BCom Degree Certificate in One Year: 

    1. Credit Transfer: If you’ve finished the first and second years of a UGC-recognized university’s program but can’t continue or didn’t pass the third year, you can move your credits and start the third year at another university. This lets you finish your Online BCom Degree in just one year.


    2. Breaking Study: Breaking study is a system that lets students who stopped their education after the first, second, or third year to join directly into the third year of the BCom program. Whether you passed or failed before, if there’s a three-year gap after finishing 10+2, you can take exams for all three years together and pay the full graduation fee.

    3. Lateral Entry: If you’ve finished a related diploma program, you can apply for lateral entry. This lets you join the second or third year of the BCom program right away. Rules for lateral entry can be different for each university, so make sure to check their specific requirements.


    Online BCom Courses in India 2024

    Course NameYearsEligibility
    Online BCom General with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom Computer Application with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom Accountancy with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom Finance Management with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom Education Management with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom Marketing Management with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass
    Online BCom International Business with Life Skills3yr10+2 pass

    Information CentrE

    There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How to get BCom degree certificate?

    You can get Bcom degree certificate by applying for a bcom degree or by filling the form and get enrolled in the UGC approved universities.


    Can i complete Online degree certificate?

    Yes, you can complete online degree certificate but make sure to research and select a UGC-DEB approved university.


    What are the details about online bcom degree fees?

    Online bcom degree fees are quite affordable,but it depends on several factors like University type, Location & Program specialization etc.


    What is the procedure for online bcom admission?

    There are 4 Steps to get Online Bcom admission:

    1. Select your Preferred Course
    2. Fill out the basic information
    3. Pay the Fee Online
    4. Get the Admission Confirmation email


    How to get bcom degree certificate from mumbai university?

    You can obtain a Bcom degree certificate from Mumbai University by applying through a university offering degree programs in Mumbai.

    Commonly Asked Questions


    How to get Bcom degree online?

    Get Bcom degree online in just 4 steps:

    1. Research for a UGC-DEB approved university 
    2. Select your preferred course
    3. Apply for admission & submit the required documents
    4. Appear in online exams to get bcom degree online

    Is bcom a good degree?

    Bcom is a good degree if you want to make your career in accounting, finance, marketing, and management etc.


    Is distance education degree valid for teaching jobs?

    Yes, a Distance degree is valid for teaching jobs but the university offering the degree should be UGC-approved.


    Is distance education degree valid for private jobs?

    Yes, after completing a distance education degree you can apply for private jobs as the degree is completely valid all over the world.


    Which documents are needed to apply for a one-year BCom courses?

    • 10th grade transcript and diploma
    • certificate and mark sheet for the 12th grade
    • Breaking Study proof
    • Proof of address
    • a passport-sized photo